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An Adventure Themed Nursery (and a Free Printable)


Our “adventure” and “explore more” prints available on Etsy (and one is free to download here)

Allow a quick intermission from true travel content, if you will. We’re on hiatus over here thanks to the arrival of a very demanding newborn. A cute, cuddly hiatus, but one laced with Michigan-winter (and Coronavirus!)-induced cabin fever all the same.

While we’re dreaming of future family trips, we’re trying to instill an early love for adventure in the littlest one. It seemed fitting that the inspiration for his nursery struck while we were exploring Yoho National Park in British Columbia, Canada. Just a short drive from Banff National Park, Yoho is smaller but just as stunning.

This sweet felt flag from Yoho National Park provided the inspiration for baby’s nursery

During our stay at Emerald Lake Lodge, we happened upon this sweet felt flag that depicts a campfire and starry sky. It took me about a millisecond to deduce that we should paint the nursery ceiling navy and stud it with gold stars. The rest of the room followed … a color scheme that would be largely neutral with outdoor elements and modern, cozy pieces. I picked up a wicker faux deer mount, this tree-branch shelving unit and printed off the U.S. National Park Checklist that I have available for download over on my Etsy shop.

A glimpse into baby’s exploration-inspired nursery

It only seemed fitting to add a print of Emerald Lake, so I used one of our photos from the trip and added a fun “adventure” font atop it, sized 8″ by 8″ to fit perfectly into a square wall frame (I used this one from Michael’s). I love the way that it feels in the nursery, but it’d also look great in a big kid’s bedroom, playroom, or mixed amid a living room gallery wall.

If you like it too, I’m including a link here to download the print in PDF format for free:
Click here for your free “Adventure” print (size: 8×8″)

In addition to the Emerald Lake print, I updated a photo that we took at the top of Signal Hill in Newfoundland with my favorite “explore more” in a script font. (You can find that print over at the Etsy shop!).

For either, simply open the PDF from your “Downloads” folder and select print on standard letter size paper. You can use a thicker cardstock in your home printer if you have it! No printer? Pop into a FedEx Office or have a local Staples store print it for you :)

The little guy is still sleeping in his bassinet, snuggled close to mom and dad’s bed, but this starry skied nursery will be in full use for our explorer soon enough.

Can you spot that dark sky ceiling?
The start of baby’s closet, including his backpack diaper bag
Lots of national park love, including this printable park checklist from the Etsy shop

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