departing dtw about

JESSICA: Passionate about writing, reading and exploring. Strolls Eastern Market nearly every Saturday. Bakes a mean banana bread. Drinks too much kombucha. Seeks water.

  • Favorite trip yet: Lake Louise in Canada’s Banff National Park (photo above), because it was the first trip I took with Trevor and one that I’d been dreaming of for years. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise was nothing short of magical that summer, and the trip came at a time when it was exactly what I needed.

  • Best piece of travel advice: Pack snacks! No, really. Always have snacks on hand.

  • Dream getaway: We’ve crossed so many destinations off our list already, but I’m still pining for a tour of Lisbon, setting my sights on Machu Picchu and visiting Africa on safari. 

TREVOR: Passionate about adventure, photography and his wife (who wrote this – ha!). Has ran three marathons. Sports fanatic. Good music during road trips is clutch. Seeks mountains.

  • Favorite trip yet: New Zealand. South Island. Truly the edge of the world.

  • Best piece of travel advice: Don’t forget to relax.

  • Dream getaway: Antarctica.