Road Trip: Discovering Hocking Hills

A glimpse of the Old Man’s Cave hike.

Ever since we returned from the Hocking Hills, we’ve been asking ourselves how all of metro Detroit isn’t familiar with the easily road-trippable destination, just south of Columbus in Ohio.

Only four hours away by car, it’s a legit treasure trove of magical canyons and waterfalls.

In short, if you’re the type who appreciates a scenic hike and has a penchant for outlandish lodging, this is exactly the type of place you’ve been looking for. There are plenty of both. What there is NOT plenty of, however, is restaurants, shops or spas. So, pack your hiking booths, as well as all the snacks and puzzles that will fit in your suitcase.

The three-bedroom Lost Cavern Airbnb.

We loved our two nights at the Lost Cavern Airbnb. It’s located less than 10 minutes from most trails and do you see those colorful lights glowing in the backyard caverns?! The property, which is tucked into the side of a forested hill, includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small, open living area that offers a dining table, sitting area and small but well-equipped kitchen.

Outside, there’s limited space for little ones to run around, but there is a fabulous hot tub, grill and multiple lounge areas.

If the modern rustic lodge isn’t your vibe, you’ll find hundreds of other unique rental options online: treehouses, tiny homes and shipping containers! In fact, I found this architectural A-frame in the woods and promptly booked it for a fall getaway with a few extra guests.

The Doghouse at Brewdog brewery and hotel near Columbus, Ohio.

Side note: On our drive south, we stopped and spent a few hours at the Toledo Zoo to break up the drive, before spending a night at The Doghouse at Brewdog, a brewery-hotel-combo that’s dog-friendly, delightfully designed and located just outside of Columbus. A pour of choice upon check in? Porter and cookies before bedtime? Yes, please. We had a blast during our stay and would absolutely recommend it if you’re a beer lover.

The Upper Falls at Old Man’s Cave.
The Lower Falls at Old Man’s Cave.

A few of our favorite family-friendly Hocking Hills hikes:

Old Man’s Cave is the most popular trail for good reason. It’s an easy and gorgeous introduction to the park, which you can tackle in pieces or as one long hike. (Check out the upper and lower falls along this river; we packed a blanket and picnic lunch to lay out at the upper falls, which is just a few steps to the left of the parking lot.)

Cedar Falls hike.

Cedar Falls is a wide, winding path under a canopy of trees, leading to a beautiful waterfall and stone pond among the forest.

The scale of Ash Cave is impressive, and hard to justify in a photo.

Ash Cave is accessible via a paved trail (stroller friendly!) but you can hike a return trail back to the parking lot to squeeze some elevation in. The scale of this gigantic, open cave is majestic and a plunging waterfall makes it ideal for photos.

Inside Rock House cave.
Annnnd nearly walking right past the cave entrance… lol.

Rock House is another quick trail that leads to the park’s only true cave, which you might hike right past accidentally. Duck inside to make some noise – echo, echo! – and listen to a ton of purring pigeons.

Conckles Hollow is the steepest trail but is totally manageable at only two miles. It offers some pretty, cliffside views and some fairly scary ledges to peer over if you’re brave.

We found the off season – midweek in early March – to be perfect during COVID and we lucked out with beautiful weather, too. Some of the hikes are in pretty tight quarters so not having to deal with crowds was a luxury.

Don’t plan on dining at restaurants; there’s not much. Like, at all. Make a grocery run to Logan and stock up on all the snacks and grilling essentials you’ll need during your stay.

The sitting area of our Airbnb.
Hot tubbin.’
Family selfie. (Look at that little wave!)
Old Man’s Cave trail.

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