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The Ultimate Traveler’s Gift Guide


We’ve covered off on non-stuff gifts in our Experiential Gift Guide, but for those folks who really want to hand a bow-tied box over to loved ones, we’ve got your back. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite go-to travel goods, from the flight-friendly to the adventure inspiring. 

With costs fit for stuffing stockings to some pricier (think $100+ items) picks, there’s something for everyone in the list below. Read on and don’t hesitate to leave us your own favorite travel-focused gifts in the comments!

  1. UGG Poncho: Half sweatshirt, half blanket, this poncho-style sweatshirt is called the “Charlynne” and is made by UGG, which essentially ensures it’s coziness. I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and pair it with leggings for every red-eye that I take. (I love that if I’m using the TRTL neck pillow for sleeping, it sort of camouflages that, too – ha!) $110 at Nordstrom. 
  2. Moment 18-mm Wide Angle Lens: If you’re an iPhone user that isn’t willing to lug around a DSLR on your next trip, you can pack light with this handy add-on. Snap it onto your phone using its custom case and you’ll garner up to 2x more image with every snap. I originally picked mine up to take photos of our condo when listing it for rent, but don’t travel without it now. $120, but on sale for $90 now at
  3. TRTL Neck Pillow: Not so much a travel pillow, but more of a neck brace (I know, I know), this little gadget works wonders for the head-bobbing plane sleepers among us. A good friend recommended it before our red-eye to Portugal and I’m pleased to share that it worked! I actually got some sleep and arrived pretty darn rested in Europe, which is a miracle in my book. $30 on Amazon. 
  4. Men’s Banana Republic “Traveler” Pants: Made with a soft stretch cotton, guys are finally privy to comfortable and durable travel ware that doesn’t feature weird zippers or too many pockets. Trevor packs a pair of these in every suitcase he totes. $109 at Banana Republic.
  5. Atlas Obscura Book: The perfect coffee table book and source of inspo for an outside-the-box travel seeker, this hardcover is chock-full of curious destinations and little-known global oddities. (There’s even a version for the kiddo in your life!) $29 on Amazon.
  6. Airport Code Baseball Cap: I love Aviation brand’s airport-centric hats and gear, which can be made for nearly every airport in the states. I rep the black DTW version, but you can pick up any airport code in several colors (like navy, charcoal or red for DTW). On sale for only $10 at 
  7. Packing Cubes: I’m not sure if anyone ever actually thinks that they need packing cubes, but once you start using them, you’ll find they’re invaluable. (Especially if you and a travel mate ever share one checked bag!) Using cubes is the simplest way to instantly organize – and most importantly – KEEP everything organized and easy to find while you’re on the go. I haven’t purchased this Calpak set, but gee it’s pretty in terrazzo, no? :) You can find cheaper options at Amazon and eBags… $58 at Nordstrom. 
  8. Herschel Travel Adapter: You can always use at least one more travel adapter, right? I mean, they’re never where I last left them. This one, in Ash Rose or Arctic Blue, is actually aesthetically pleasing and offers two USB ports. It’s compatible with UK, North American, European, Australian and Chinese outlets. $40 at Nordstrom.
  9. Yeti Sidekick Dry: For hikers, fishers or other generally outdoorsy types, this small pack offers Yeti-expected toughness for your cell phone, travel docs and more. You can drop it into your backpack or latch it onto your belt, and use it in roughly a million different ways. $50 at 
  10. Amazon Kindle: This digital book reader will ALWAYS make my travel must-have list. You can read it perfectly in daylight or at in the dark with its subtle backlight, and it’s literally the weight of a feather. We’ve even relied on it for guidebook purchases – which are instant, of course – and haven’t had any issues constantly flipping back and forth from page to page and section to section. Best of all, you can download books from your library onto and save gobs of cash over your lifetime. $60 on Amazon. 
  11. Touchland Hand Sanitizer: Since it’s a gift and all, why not splurge on fancy hand sanitizer? This one is natural, made with essential oils and aloe vera, and TSA friendly (not to mention cute). A whole handful of scents and colors are available for loading up stockings. $12 at 
  12. National Parks Fill-In Poster: For the constant explorer, this color-in tracker for national park visits works just as well as decor as a practical checklist. This site offers up a ton of beautiful paper goods, including wall calendars and maps, too. $25 at 

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