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Gallery: Arches National Park

North Window, Arches National Park

JESSICA: Just last month, work took me to Moab, Utah, for my first visit to the red-rock state. With the sun shining, and a program that required a drive through Arches National Park, I couldn’t have been happier.

The weather wasn’t all that different from Michigan’s, believe it or not, with mornings in the 30s and a dusting of frost over the dry, rust-colored ground. (Most trails in the park stay open year round. More on visiting Arches in winter here.) But standing in the sun – in the quiet of the practically tourist-free park, it felt like perfect timing for the trip.

We holed up at the Sorrel River Ranch & Spa, a rustic, riverside property alongside the Colorado River. With rocking chairs on each patio and a claw-foot soaking tub in nearly every bathroom, it served as an ideal home base.

A view from the Sorrel River Ranch & Spa
Double Arch at The Windows, Arches National Park (and me!)
The vertical drop off seems far less scary when focusing on what’s closest
Animals aplenty at the ranch, including these gorgeous horses
Dead Horse Point State Park
Look at those red mud tires post rock crawling
First stop in Arches National Park
Views from the top of the Sorrel River Trail 
Another look at Double Arches in The Windows at Arches National Park


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